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Establish and implement effective environmental, health and safety management systems
  >  > 建立制订有效的环境保护、卫生安全管理制度。

Continually improve our environmental, health and safety performance and operations
  >  > 努力提升环保、安全与卫生工作水平及业绩。

Advise Molex employees and business partners of the importance of adhering to this Policy
 >  > 向员工和合作伙伴履行宣传这一方案的重要性。

Reduce or eliminate emissions and discharges through pollution prevention activities: Prevent injury and illness through management practices
 >  > 开展污染预防活动,减少或清除污染排放。

Educate employees to work in an environmentally responsible and safe manner
  >  > 教育员工采取环保和安全的工作方式。

Comply with all relevant environmental, health and safety legal and other requirements
  >  > 遵守相关一切环保法规,执行相关环保要求。

Operate our facilities in a way that considers the efficient use of natural resources and provides a safe and healthy workplace. Develop products that minimize environmental impact
 >  > 生产经营第一考虑有效利用自然资源,并提供安全卫生的工作场所。开发新产品尽可能对环境的影响降到最低。